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The Basics

Full Name: Bailee Madison
Nicknames: Bailes, Bail
Birthday: 15 October 1999
Birthplace: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Eyecolor: Brown
Haircolor: Brunette
Hobbies: Cooking and painting
Favorite Color: Green

Fun Facts

001. Bailee's first commercial was for Office Depot, when she was only two weeks old.
002 Bailee's first audition was for Lonely Hearts and she booked it!
003. Bailee goes to a regular school in Florida. She has a tutor when she is in California or on location, filming.
004. Bailee was appointed as the co-spokesperson of the Starlight Children's Foundation Starpower programm.
005. Bailee loves fashion.
006. Bailee wanted to move to California since she was five.
007. Bailee is a huge Taylor Swift fan.
008. Bailee's favorite school subject is social studies and least favorite is math.
009. Riding her bike to the park with her friends is one of her favorite things to do.
010. Bailee is very close to her family.
011. Bailee's older sister, Kaitlin Riley, is also an actress.
012. Bailee went to see "Wicked" in Australia with co-star Katie Holmes.
013. Bailee loves cooking and watching the The Food Network.
014. Bailee had to dye her hair darker for her role in "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark".
015. Bailee has a goldendoodle named Maddy.
016. Bailee has a niece named Riley and she is absolutely in love with her.

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