Mar 14
Massive Gallery Update
Our image gallery was not up-to-date, so I spent the entire day yesterday trying to fix that. Tons of photos (some recent, some old) have been uploaded there. Check the list below to see what's new! If we are missing any pictures, don't hesitate to let us know. Also, I'm aware we've had that gallery layout for ages, so you can expect a new one sometime this week.

Come back tomorrow for all things "Once Upon A Time"!
116x Public Appearances > 5th Annual Streamy Awards Nomination Celebration
012x Public Appearances > "The 5th Wave" Toronto Special Screening
038x Public Appearances > Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week: BCBGMAXAZRIA Show
016x Public Appearances > Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week: Jay Godfrey Show
107x Public Appearances > AOL Build Speaker Series
055x Public Appearances > Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week: Tadashi Shoji Show
070x Public Appearances > Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week: Sherri Hill Show
091x Public Appearances > Vanity Fair, L'Oreal Paris, & Hailee Steinfeld Host DJ Night
013x Public Appearances > Ted Baker London SS'16 Launch Event
024x Photoshoots > Behind The Scenes > Twist Magazine
004x Photoshoots > Marc Cartwright
034x Photoshoots > Sara Jaye Weiss
002x Photoshoots > Benjo Arwas
007x Photoshoots > AOL Build Speaker Series Portraits
027x Candids > Out And About In Los Angeles
015x Candids > Out For A Walk With Maddy
026x Candids > Out And About In Toronto
005x Candids > Outside The Creative Coalition 2015 Benefit Dinner
004x Candids > At LAX Airport With Rhys Matthew Bond
015x Candids > Out And About In Washington
040x Candids > At LAX Airport
037x Candids > Ice Skating With Rhys Matthew Bond At The Nathan Phillips Square
013x Candids > Out And About In Toronto After "The 5th Wave" Special Screening
020x Candids > Leaving Her Hotel In New York City
027x Candids > Outside Her Hotel In New York City
011x Candids > Outside BCBGMAXAZRIA's Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week Show
008x Candids > Arriving At Her Hotel In New York City
017x Candids > Leaving The AOL Build Speaker Series Taping
004x Candids > Outside Tadashi Shoji's Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week Show
003x Candids > Outside The Trump SoHo
001x Good Witch Season 1 > Posters & Covers
011x Good Witch Season 1 > Promotional Photoshoot
004x Good Witch Season 1 > On The Set
017x Good Witch Season 1 > 1.01 - "Starting Over... Again" Stills
001x Good Witch Season 1 > 1.02 - "Running Scared" Stills
005x Good Witch Season 1 > 1.03 - "Do The Right Thing" Stills
010x Good Witch Season 1 > 1.04 - "All In The Family" Stills
004x Good Witch Season 1 > 1.05 - "The Truth About Lies" Stills
004x Good Witch Season 1 > 1.07 - "Together We Stand" Stills
016x Good Witch Season 1 > 1.08 - "True Colors" Stills
001x Good Witch Season 2 > Posters & Covers
002x Good Witch Season 2 > Promotional Photoshoot
005x Good Witch Season 2 > 2.01 - "Something Wicked" Stills
008x Magazines > Next Big Thing Magazine (Winter 2015)
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Mar 13
"Once Upon A Time" Tonight!
Bailee is back on "Once Upon A Time" tonight for the first time in three years! She will, of course, be reprising her role as Young Snow White. You can catch the episode tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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Jan 16
TCA Winter Press Tour: Hallmark Channel
Bailee showed off her beautiful new haircut at Hallmark Channel's TCA Party, back on January 8th. She was there for her TV show "Good Witch", of course. Her co-stars Catherine Bell and James Denton were also in attendance and they took some photos together on the Purple Carpet. As always, you can take a look at the pictures in our gallery.

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Jan 03
Bailee's First 2016 Tumblr Post
Bailee wrote yet another inspiring Tumblr post. This one is titled "we CAN. be KIND." and it reminds us to be positive and thankful for what we have. I highly recommend that you read the entire post, because Bailee shared some great advice in it. Remember that she loves reading your feedback, so tweet her your thoughts at @BaileeMadison using the hashtags #WeCanBeKind and #IWantWhatIHave.
Today I saw a trending topic called #WhatIWantThatICantHave. To me, saying that we "can't have" something is lowering our expectations for what we believe we deserve, or "can have." I saw tweets tonight with the hashtag saying things like: "#WhatIWantThatICantHave a healthy-non abusive relationship" "#WhatIWantThatICantHave self love" "#WhatIWantThatICantHave People who care about me" This hurt me. I just wanted to just hug those people and tell them that they CAN have those things. They DESERVE them, and they WILL have them. We can't tell ourselves that we "can't". We need to start telling ourselves, and each other, that we "can". And we will. Some things take time. Some things hurt. And some things only happen if they're truly meant to, and they will happen at the the right time.

... Read more?
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Jan 01
New 2016 Design
New year, new look! Welcome to the 16th version of Belle: Bailee Madison. This design was made by me, using the gorgeous pictures of Bailee's Glamoholic photoshoot. I really hope you like it! If parts or images of the old layout show up, just refresh the page and that should do the trick. By the way, we have five top affiliate spots open, so if you have a fansite and would like to apply, contact us.

In other updates, we were missing some December 2015 photos of Bailee and I've added those to the gallery. Click on the thumbnails to see them.

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Dec 31
Bailee's 2015 Recap
Happy New Year, you wonderful Bailee fans! 2016 is almost here and, to celebrate, Bailee uploaded a beautiful video of her 2015 highlights to her YouTube channel.

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